3rd Year Architecture
Gravity causes intelligence: Finding inspiration systematically and scientifically
17. Januar 2016

La Forma è necessaria: esperimentazioni microbiologiche : La gravità causa intelligenzia

Project 3rd year: Atelier Blumer, Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio, USI, Svizzera
Book, written in 3 languages, Italian, English and German

Open PDF: Gravity causes intelligence – Philipp Henestrosa

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The hypothesis of the study is: Gravity causes intelligence
The behavior and growth of the slime mold, Physarum polycephalum, was studied in relation to artificially generated gravity. The intention of this project was to find new sources of inspiration for architectural concepts through systematic exploration of the effect of gravity on organisms. The main question is: Does gravity promote intelligent behaviors for living beings? This yielded the following results: Excessive rotational speed is is not tolerated by the slime mold In order to grow into the center the slime mold optimizes its structure The slime mold cautiously changes its direction even with strong rotation Stimulus improves growth in the resting phase Repetitions reinforce the structure of the slime mold Teamwork ensures the survival of the colony through the main adery. Important main aderies quickly regenerate themselves after rotation and become stronger.

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